When Love Finds Us

Sermon by Paula Papky

A Psalm for Remembrance    


Remember me, O God,
when the sun is shining
and I want to trust
in the springtime of the spirit,
in the life that cannot be put to shame,
the light that darkness cannot overcome.

Remember me, O God,
when the wind of your spirit rattles my bones,
blows the dry leaves of my soul
into cold corners.
Remember me and breathe a little warmth.

Remember me, O God,
when I stand within the company of the righteous
and cannot sing.
Remember all the times I sang your praise,
called you Immortal, invisible, God only wise,
called you Saviour,
when you lifted me from the flood
and I stood with Miriam on the shore
singing gloriously
as the horse and rider
you tossed into the sea.

Remember me, O God,
when I lie down at night
too tired and sad to pray.
Remember me and give me rest,
raise me on eagle’s wings,
teach me to walk and not stumble,
to run and not to faint,
and at the end of it all,
to rest.

Remember me, O God,
and give me rest,
as you rested on the Sabbath Day;
grant me rest that restores,
a safe refuge, a sure home,
the assurance that every hair
on my head is counted
and that you are the One
who leads the way
through death to life.


Paula Papky, 2022

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