Update: Our Newcomer Family

Nov 16, 2016 by

Update: Our Newcomer Family

Itʼs time to fill you in on how things are going with Ahmad, Randa, Saleh, Ibrahim and Sham Alatmeh. They seem to be settling well into their new life. They have made lots of Syrian friends in their building. Ahmad has attended an ʻOrientation to Canadian Cultureʼ session and Randa will soon do so. Saleh and Ibrahim are attending Cootes Paradise School in Grade 1 & Senior Kindergarten respectively. They tell us they like school. Ahmad attends English classes every weekday and some evenings too. His English is improving and he is now in Level 2 instruction. Randa has undergone her language assessment and is on a wait list for instruction. She takes Sham to a mums and tots group at St Cuthbertʼs. They know that winter is coming and are ready for it in terms of outer clothes. In the meantime, like the rest of us, they have enjoyed our glorious Fall weather. Sham celebrated her second birthday on October 11 with a party at the apartment. The whole family have undergone dental assessments provided gratis by a dentist friend of Monicaʼs and there are plans to carry out some dental work for both adults, the childrenʼs teeth being fine. The family has registered to participate in Hamiltonʼs Recreation Fee Assistance Program, which provides a free family pass to a recreation centre and fee assistance with specific programs.

We want to thank Faye Meshki for her role with the Alatmeh family during these crucial first months. Faye has served as one of our much valued and frequently used interpreters. Faye has been readily available even for last minute requests, and the committee is indebted to her. Faye is leaving Hamilton as usual for the winter months and will be much missed.

We know that you would all very much like to meet the family and wonder when that can happen. Ahmad wants to wait to meet the congregation until after he has learned enough English so he can “thank you with his own voice.” The family celebrates three birthdays in January, (Ahmad and Saleh on January 1st and Ibrahim on January 31), so we are planning to invite the congregation to join them for a celebratory pot-luck meal sometime in January. Watch this space to find out the exact date, and plan to come.

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