The Pledge Box is back!

Jun 4, 2018 by

At a recent MacNeill congregational meeting we passed the following motion:  that the MacNeill and Burlington Baptist Churches Newcomer Committee be given agreement in principal to proceed with the investigation of the process to sponsor the Al Atmeh brothers; with the understanding that this information will be brought to the congregation for final approval to apply for sponsorship.  It was understood that this process might take two years or even more.

In the meantime it was agreed that we reach out, once more, to both congregations for a sense of the financial support that would be available to support this additional sponsorship.  The ability to sponsor the two young men would be dependent on raising the sum of $13,000 between the two congregations.  You are invited to

place a pledge in the pledge box indicating what financial support you could provide when the time comes. Look for the pledge box either in the narthex or the parlour.

From your MacNeill Newcomer Committee.


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