Women of MacNeill

IMG_0145-001The primary purpose of this friendly group, which is open to all women of MacNeill, is to support foreign and home missions through givings and practical work. Monthly meetings, which are held on Saturday afternoons, except for the June Pot-Luck Supper, allow opportunities for Bible study, hearing invited speakers, or watching CBM Videos on Baptist work. We always include time for refreshments and socializing. Come join us!

Our annual givings in recent years to CBWOQ have reached a little over $3750 with amounts designated for such projects as Guardians of Hope in India, and counseling and medical help for women in the Congo who have suffered abuse.  Knitters in the group (and friends) knit many adults’ toques and scarves to be distributed by Wesley Urban Ministries, as well as tiny blankets, booties, and hats for preterm babies in the McMaster University Hospital Neonatal Unit.  The women also contribute separately to resupply the MacNeill kitchen as needed with utensils, linens and equipment for church potluck meals and, in return for a donation toward the work of the group, cater wedding, funeral and other church receptions.

All women are cordially invited to each meeting.