Newcomer Sponsorship Information

We at MacNeill Baptist Church (MBC) are endeavouring to sponsor a refugee family of up to 5 members from the middle east.  We are joining forces with Burlington Baptist Church (BBC) and welcome any donations from friends and our wider community.  The BBC/MBC joint ad hoc committee for refugee sponsorship has been meeting weekly to work on all the details for the application and whole process of sponsorship.  Your donation dollars are needed now in order for us to complete the application so any help with this would be appreciated.  Please check the blogs on this page for updates.

Update on the Al Atmeh family

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From Your Newcomer Committee   Much has happened since our last report in June.  July 19 marked the third anniversary of the Al Atmeh’s arrival in Canada.   The Palins celebrated with them at dinner that weekend.  Ahmad provided tabbouleh and fatusch salads, Randa brought falafels and hummus.  The Palins, Heather, and probably others of you have met the family near Food Basics on King Street; Ahmad or Randa shopping and the children on their way to school at Cootes Paradise. Any time anyone visits with Randa she is always very...

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Newcomer family update

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We have met twice with our newcomer family through the summer.  As of July 19 the family has been in Canada two years.  To celebrate we invited them to a barbecue in the Palin’s backyard.  The children counted the number of (fake) animals in Al’s waterfall, (Red Rock Cascade).  They counted 32.  Ray, Heather and Walter from Burlington Baptist joined us.  19). Two Saturdays ago Ahmad visited the Palins to drop off a dessert, cooked by Randa, to be shared at our coffee hour.  He told us he is now working full-time for the company he worked for...

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The Pledge Box is back!

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At a recent MacNeill congregational meeting we passed the following motion:  that the MacNeill and Burlington Baptist Churches Newcomer Committee be given agreement in principal to proceed with the investigation of the process to sponsor the Al Atmeh brothers; with the understanding that this information will be brought to the congregation for final approval to apply for sponsorship.  It was understood that this process might take two years or even more. In the meantime it was agreed that we reach out, once more, to both congregations for a...

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Al Atmeh Family Update

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Many of us enjoyed a visit with the Al Atmeh family at the Easter Breakfast, and I visited with them at their apartment recently.  Their English is strong enough that, although explanations were sometimes needed, Randa and Ahmed are quite able to join in conversations.  Randa says English is easier to learn than Arabic would be for a second language. Randa now has her driver’s license and Ahmad has his G License.  Ahmad is starting Level 4 and this week is being tested on his knowledge of Ontario geography.  He plans to stay in school for a...

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Al Atmeh Family Update

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  One year ago, on July 19, 2016, the Al Atmeh family arrived in Canada as “refugees” from Syria, sponsored by McNeill Baptist Church and Burlington Baptist Church.  This is a report on the progress made by the family as “newcomers” to a new country, language, and culture. Near the end of July Ahmad and Randa attended an application appointment at Ontario Works.  They received their first O.W. benefits in August, and continue to receive Provincial Child Care benefits.   The combined benefits are comparable to the funds they were...

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Update on our Newcomer Family

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It is time for an update for our Newcomer family.  As of July 19, they have been in Canada for one year. . In early July Gary and Al met with Ahmad and Randa to explain the change from being fully sponsored by us.  Our sponsorship obligations end as of July 31.  They will then begin receiving Ontario Works Benefits as well as federal and provincial Child Care Benefits.  Al has applied on their behalf for Ontario Works, and we can expect that this week they will have an appointment with a Case Manager.  Their income will be close to what they...

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Meet our newcomer family!

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On Saturday, January 28 at 5:00 p.m. everyone at MacNeill  will get the opportunity to meet the Al Atmeh family at a pot-luck supper here at the church.  Everyone is invited and we hope that everyone will plan to come.  Ahmad, Saleh and Ibrahim all have birthdays in January, so we plan to make it a shared birthday celebration.  There will be further details in future bulletins about menu suggestions, but in the meantime please save the date. From your Newcomer Sponsorship Committee.

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Update: Our Newcomer Family

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Update: Our Newcomer Family Itʼs time to fill you in on how things are going with Ahmad, Randa, Saleh, Ibrahim and Sham Alatmeh. They seem to be settling well into their new life. They have made lots of Syrian friends in their building. Ahmad has attended an ʻOrientation to Canadian Cultureʼ session and Randa will soon do so. Saleh and Ibrahim are attending Cootes Paradise School in Grade 1 & Senior Kindergarten respectively. They tell us they like school. Ahmad attends English classes every weekday and some evenings too. His English is...

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Our Refugee Family Update

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Notes from the Refugee Sponsorship Committee: After many months of planning and preparation ‘our’ Syrian family arrived at Pearson Airport on July 19 and, immediately, they were no longer ‘refugees’ but ‘newcomers’! They are the Al Atmeh family – Ahmad & Randa are the parents of two sons – Saleh, age 6, Ibrahim age 5 and daughter Sham, age 20 months. The process through the airport was smooth, if long, and they were soon whisked to Hamilton and settled into their home at the Beverly Hills apartment building in Westdale. Of course...

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