MacNeill Cooks!!

Eat LocalIf there ever was a group of people who enjoy a good nosh, it is MacNeill Folk!!  From our annual Welcome Back Lunch in September to our MacNeill Picnic in June, we congregate around a most fruitful table.  In the summer, we gather beside our veggie garden to celebrate its bounty.  In mid winter, we have an Eat Local Pot Luck Challenge, being mindful of reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our local economy by buying locally produced food.  And while we eat, we take the opportunity to brainstorm about ways we can help our environment, individually and as a faith community.


Martina's Pantry


Of all the fabulous cooks at MacNeill, Martina is certainly the Queen of Preserves.  Witness her incredible fruit cellar displayed on this page, a whole summer’s worth of God’s goodness.

What better way to celebrate our community than to assemble some of our best recipes?  Click the buttons below to find some of our favourites.  Enjoy!


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