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June 7, 2020


Due to the Corona Virus crisis the to return to our regular worship is yet to be determined

During this unprecedented time of crisis please continue to support our congregation financially.  Donations can be mailed to the church and we will process them. You can also donate directly on the MacNeill Website with the Donate Now button on the right side of the webpage.  Thank you for your continued generosity.


Zoom Semi-Annual Meeting  

MacNeill will host a Zoom Online Semi Annual meeting to be held on June 18,2020 at 7:30 pm. Details will follow.


Scripture Readings for next week

Ezekiel 34:1-24, 30-31,   Psalm 80:1-7, 14ab, 17-19,   Matthew 9:35-10:15,   Romans 5:6-11


Congratulations to our graduates!

Word is out that a total of five MacNeill young people are graduating from High School this semester.  Charlotte Briskin, Oscar Briskin, Philippa Briskin (Pippi), Maeve Jenkinson and Sophie Williams.

Charlotte, Oscar, Pippi, Maeve and Sophie, this is certainly a time of celebration and rejoicing.   We want you to know that we recognize that graduating from High School is a huge milestone and wonderful achievement.  We acknowledge that, all this happening in the time of COVID-19, means that there are no formal ceremonies or rituals or even parties, when you can actually be together with all your friends and family around.   We feel for you as you face the challenges of celebrating in the ‘normal’ ways. We wish you all the very best as you move forward in your lives.

Please accept our warm congratulations!  from all your friends at MacNeill.


The happy couple!



50th Anniversary!

Congratulation are in order for Paula and Bruce Papky!  On Friday June the 5th they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary!  We shall have to plan a celebration when we get the all-clear.  Congratulations!!








Prayer Requests

Please pray for my friend Carol, who has fallen and broken her hip in such a way that it is inoperable, so she is confined in Joseph Brant hospital for 6-8 weeks while it heals.  The pain is terrible, but so also is the fact that she cannot have even her husband come to visit.  So please lift her up in your prayers for a speedy recovery.   Thanks from Bev L

A reminder for all to pray for Jim Purves, my friend who has a rare blue cell cancer and really needs our prayers for the next 7 weeks as he undergoes CT scan, PET scan, new regime of chemo and possibly another surgery.   He has 13 and 15 year old girls and an 18 year old son. I deeply appreciate the prayers of our congregation for Jim and Suzanne and their children.  Thanks from Gini

Prayers have been requested for Nancy, a friend in the community.  Nancy has just been diagnosed with cancer and has started a course of chemo-therapy. Facing this challenge is made even more difficult in this time of Covid.


Community News

You will remember the fun Australian Animal fundraiser for animals injured during the terrible wildfires, that Glenys Magill initiated in the early spring. In spite of discomfort from a leg injury, Glenys showed up to direct the activities she had planned which included painting centres where participants could design and decorate the distinctive shape of a boomerang. There was even a draw for a handmade koala bear pin and attendees  could have their picture taken by Bruce Papky with the Australian flag and a stuffed koala bear. Even the food was themed and Ruby Purdy brought in her authentic tea towel with Australian animal designs on it. It was a successful fundraiser as well as a fun event.  Check out photos from this event HERE.

Beverly Woods, part of the planning committee, came up with a creative tribute to this event and traced kookaburra and koala shapes from Ruby’s tea towel. She used them to design lovely and unique cards for her twin granddaughters’ recent birthday. As Beverly describes it, “I used that theme as a fun way to educate my grandchildren for their birthdays and we discussed it over FaceTimewhen they opened their cards from me.  They loved them and were already aware of the wildfires so researched the koala and kookaburra.” Beverly even sang the Kookaburra song to the girls on FaceTime.

We have included a pic of Beverly’s striking card designs!  I hear she is taking orders! A lovely tribute to Glenys also.


Meditation on this week’s events

(Submitted by Mary Fleming from her meditation group in Michigan.  Pastor Ingrid is her friend.)

This week!

We speak his name: George Floyd.

I have a two year old daughter, who I haven’t seen much since George Floyd’s state-sponsored execution. I made it home last night just in time to read her a few books before she went to bed. After a day spent feeding thousands, thanking hundreds of volunteers, and talking with reporters from around the world, it was good to be reminded of her favorite things: bears, trucks, and babies.

After we said goodnight to the books, after she took a sip of water, and after her chubby little hand turned off the light, we held each other. She asked me to sing the “angel song,” which is toddler shorthand for the Magnificat—Mary’s (Jesus’ mama) song from Luke (a book in the bible). I suggested that we sing it together. In the darkness, her little voice sang (most of) these words:

My soul proclaims your greatness, O God,

and my spirit rejoices in you.

You have looked with love on your servant here,

and blessed me all my life through…

You have cast the mighty down from their thrones,

and uplifted the humble of heart.

You have filled the hungry with wondrous things,

and left the wealthy no part.*

I put her into bed, told her that I loved her, and reminded her that her daddy was a saint. I came downstairs and opened my computer to respond to messages, only to be faced with the news that the President had sanctioned the use of tear gas by police officers in riot gear to be used on peaceful protesters Lafayette Square. All of this was done, it seems, so that he could walk to a nearby church and pose for photos while holding a bible—the same book that I had just been “reading” upstairs.

An outraged Episcopal Bishop Marinn Budde swiftly and faithfully responded to the President’s stunt, saying, “The President did not pray when he came to St. John’s. Nor did he acknowledge the agony of our country right now. And in particular, that of the people of color in our nation, who wonder if anyone ever—anyone in public power will ever acknowledge their sacred worth, and who are rightfully demanding an end to 400 years of systemic racism and white supremacy in our country.” To be clear: the President is dangerous. He’s also a master of distraction—always diverting our attention from where it ought to be.

Jesus learned something early from his mother’s hymns—that is, God is always redirecting the crowd’s gaze. Rather than gawking at the ruling elite, scan the horizon and find the neighbor. Rather than focusing on the Empire’s power, pay attention to those who are most threatened by it, including the sick, the vulnerable, the self-giving, the hurting, the people who are under siege. For as Audre Lourde says: “We are not free while any[one] is unfree, even when [their] shackles are very different from our own.”

We speak his name: George Floyd. Beloved child of God.

With tenderness,

Pastor Ingrid

*From Holden Evening Prayer


Message from Jennifer Nettleton, our Coordinator of Worship


Hi MacNeill family,

I am now into my second week in the role as Coordinator of Worship.  Thank you for entrusting this responsibility to me for the next while.  I never imagined in January that I would be doing this work remotely and from my home.


Community and connections are very important to me.  So I mentioned an idea to Mary Fleming a number of weeks ago, an idea shared with me from a Diaconal Minister in the United Church who serves with me on the McMaster Chaplaincy Ministries Council (MCMC).  She takes “porch pictures” of her church members. Mary liked this idea too, and has started taking photos of her “porch visits” with MacNeill folk. Thank you, Mary, for your enthusiasm with this idea. Here are a few photos Mary has sent my way:

Isn’t it wonderful to see each other?  The days are beginning to blend into one another, but when I checked my calendar, it has been 12 weeks since our last worship service and coffee hour at MacNeill. So for any and all who wish to gather and visit I would like to offer a MacNeill Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom at our usual “after service” time. Bring your own cup of coffee or tea, stop by for a quick “hi”, stay for a few minutes or the whole hour.  When?  Sunday June 7th, 12:00-1:00pm. The Zoom meeting link was included in the weekly email distributed by Bev Leslie.


Pastoral Care

Especially during this difficult time please reach out to care for each other!  Please  pick up the phone, call and cheer someone up!

If you are in need of pastoral care, please contact our Coordinator of Pastoral Care, Terry Dempsey at <> Phone # 1 905 512 9897

Pastoral Care Team: Claire Gosselin, Heather Hobbs, Olga Jenkins, David Jones, Bruce Papky, Feli Toledo and Beverly Woods.


Suggestion for our News and Notes

It has been discussed that while we are under “Stay at Home” orders it would be nice to hear from fellow members. If you could  share some of the practical ways you are communicating and reaching out to others and maybe share some highlights of your sharing. Maybe you have learned a lesson or two that would be an encouragement to others. We will publish these in News and Notes as an encouragement to each other. Send your comments into Beverly Leslie


MacNeill Church Office Changes

Upon the retirement of Irene and while we sort out our transition plans during this Covid crisis please forward any News and Notes announcements to John Douglas at When our church opens again you can contact Gini Cale at 905 527 3179 for facility bookings and room rentals.


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