Newcomer family update

Oct 3, 2018 by

We have met twice with our newcomer family through the summer.  As of July 19 the family has been in Canada two years.  To celebrate we invited them to a barbecue in the Palin’s backyard.  The children counted the number of (fake) animals in Al’s waterfall, (Red Rock Cascade).  They counted 32.  Ray, Heather and Walter from Burlington Baptist joined us.  19).

Two Saturdays ago Ahmad visited the Palins to drop off a dessert, cooked by Randa, to be shared at our coffee hour.  He told us he is now working full-time for the company he worked for last year in St. Catharines creating concrete and stone landscaping.  He is attending English classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as working for his own company when he is free.  Randa is still in school full-time, and Sham has joined her brothers at Cootes Paradise School.  She is attending Junior Kindergarten.

The Pledge Box Is Back!

In May MacNeill and Burlington Baptist Churches agreed (in principal) to investigate sponsoring the two young Al Atmeh brothers, an endeavor which would require raising $13,000 to $14,000.  At summers end, between MacNeill ($5,700) and BBC ($3,300) we have pledges totaling $9000.  And so the pledge box is back in the narthex (and after service in the parlour). You are invited to fill out a pledge slip indicating what financial support you could provide when the time comes.

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