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Apr 9, 2020 by

(April 9, 2020)


Hi Again Everyone!


Well – We are all in this together as the most recent saying goes.

It’s been another incredibly difficult week in the world.  Your leaders enjoyed a ZOOM meeting experience this week!  Very exciting experience if you haven’t used the tool yet.

Given the current federal and provincial directions we’ve heard, it should come as no surprise to hear we must maintain the suspension of services at MacNeill until further notice.  We are also unable to set a date at this time as the immediate future remains unclear.

While this is just one of many websites available to get updates – it is the official Ontario Public Health site:


Worshiping together from the comfort of our homes:

If you didn’t get a chance to spend time last Sunday – Palm Sunday – with the service Leanne, Heather, Bruce and Bev (for posting it so well) put together – please take the time before this Easter Sunday.  Your soul will thank you!

Again, thanks to:

  • our Minister of Music and Coordinator of Worship – Leanne Tees,
  • and to Terry Dempsey, our Pastoral Care Coordinator
  • along with our wonderful group of Worship Leaders

all of whom contribute to the services and who create these weekly moments of worship for us.

It’s possible these will go viral as many others connected with our church family are now taking the time to experience this collective Worship experience.

Stay tuned for Easter Sunday – you never know what’s coming next!!


Pastoral Care

I know you have each been contacted in some way by your group lead within the Watch Care system.  Many thanks to each of those leaders for offering your time and energy to ensure we stay connected.

And many thanks as well to Rev Terry Dempsey, our Pastoral Care Coordinator, for continuing to maintain that support and care needed for so many of us as we develop ways to cope with the social distancing, social isolation and forced time away from our family and friends.  Please know Terry stands ready to make phone contact with anyone who would like to speak with him.  He continues to supplement the watch-care contacts with his own pastoral phone calls and emails.  Terry will also serve as direct watch-care contact person to all watch-care leaders as well as MacNeill’s four chaplains and their families.  His cell phone is 905 512 9897 or he can be reached at 1 519 304 3601 and/or by email at

Please ensure both your concerns and cause for laughter and joy are passed along to your Watch Care group leader.  If you’d like you can also share them with John Douglas at so they can be included in our weekly News and Notes.

As a community, we continue to hold all those who continue to report to work regularly in our thoughts and prayers, along with their families – especially those in the Health care, Social Services and Retail sectors.  And please continue to remember those who are the most vulnerable throughout our community, country and world.


Offerings and Donations:

Such a wonderful response has been received lately for offering and donations.  We need that level of giving maintained so we can honour our responsibilities to our staff and community partners at this difficult time.  Continue to send in your regular donations either through the mail or by dropping it off at the church in the outside mailbox.  As some of you have already discovered, we now have an option to send your donation in on our website using the portal called ‘Canada Helps’.  They do need admin support to maintain this portal so 3.75% of your donation is used to maintain this service.  You have the option to receive an immediate receipt for the full amount of your donation directly to your email. Thanks to Bev Leslie, our Envelope Steward, and to Gary Purdy, our Treasurer, for doing the research and setting this up for us.  And many thanks to each of you that have sent in your offerings in such a timely and generous way!  You are all amazing!!


So, to everyone – we say Stay Apart, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

We will see each other soon!

Deep Peace to each of you from your Executive and Staff Team:


Garth Greaves – Moderator

Sonia Rogers- Vice Moderator

Sonia Rogers and Mary Fleming – Co-Chairs, Deacons

Heather Hobbs – Deacon and Pastoral Care Team Liaison

John Douglas and Gini Cale – Co-Chairs, Management

Nancy Douglas and Lynn Bond – Co-Chairs, Christian Education

Glenys Magill and Barb Ridley – Co-Chairs, Outreach and Service

Gary Purdy and Jonathan Purdy – Co-Treasurers

Bev Leslie – Envelope Steward and Secretary

Rev. Terry Dempsey – Pastoral Care Coordinator

Leanne Tees – Director of Music and Worship Coordinator

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