Job Description: Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care

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MacNeill Baptist Church is seeking a half time Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care



MacNeill is a safe place that connects us to God and others.   We are an affirming and welcoming congregation, with a family-like atmosphere in the heart of a student-populated neighbourhood.   Consistent with Baptist tradition, we are a self-governing congregation.

MacNeill is a congregation with open membership and open communion.

We feature a team approach to worship and pastoral care and high active involvement of members in the life of the church.

We espouse a progressive theological approach.  We follow the liturgical calendar year and Revised Common Lectionary, and endeavour to use inclusive language in our worship.

Worship services include vibrant choral and instrumental music involving children and adults and the creative use of drama & visual art.

We are a small congregation with a strong core of dedicated members who have a deep and abiding desire to make our ministry effective in all of its dimensions: Christian education, pastoral care, outreach and worship.

We have a heart for social justice.  Our web-site reflects who we are, and is informative and inviting.


The Minister of Worship & Pastoral Care is accountable to the congregation through the Board of Deacons as prescribed by the constitutional intent of MacNeill Baptist Church.

The Minister of Worship & Pastoral Care will be responsible for:


  • Offering guidance and leadership to the MacNeill congregation within our shared ministry model


  • Coordinating the worship schedule and services for MacNeill Baptist Church


  • Arranging for a schedule of preachers drawn from the current list, and the occasional visiting preacher.   Within this shared ministry framework, the Deacons approve the members of the preaching team, who work in rotation, and provide recommendations for guest speakers


  • Facilitating a weekly meeting/consultation with the scheduled preachers and Music Director to plan each worship service, following which he/she will create the Orders of Service and prepare the worship bulletins


  • Recruiting and scheduling worship leaders and scripture readers for each Sunday service, and inviting and working with guest preachers as discussed with the Deacons


  • Participating (eg: preaching, pastoral prayer, leading of worship) in worship services on a regular basis (participating at least twice per month/ preaching once or twice per month)


  • Convening seasonal planning groups throughout the Church Year involving volunteers within the congregation in addition to the Director of Music (eg Lent, Advent/Christmas)


  • Working with Council (Christian Education, Deacons, Mission and Outreach, Management) to seek ways of engaging the congregation’s hearts, minds and emotions in worship, enhancing biblical literacy, and encouraging faithfulness to the Gospel of Christ.  Attendance at Council meetings is expected


  • Facilitating and planning for the participation of children and young people in worship with the Christian Education Board and Director of Music as resources


  • Representing MacNeill at meetings of the Westdale community churches and participating in planning and implementing shared worship services


  • Providing a caring watch over the congregation through visitation and pastoral counselling, coordinating and working together with the Pastoral Care Team.  This will be facilitated by seeking and attending to guidance and information from the Board of Deacons and information from the Watch-Care Leaders


  • Facilitating meetings & consultations with the Pastoral Care Team for implementation and evaluation of pastoral care activities


  • Follow up with visitors and newcomers soon after their arrival at the church


  • Facilitating the allocation of the discretionary benevolent funds with the support of the Deacons’’ Board


  • Leading enquirers and baptism classes, assisted by members of the Pastoral Care Team and/or the Board of Deacons and/or the Board of Christian Education


  • Preparing written reports for the Deacons, as they meet, and for the congregation as a whole at the Semi-Annual and Annual General Meetings.



The Minister of Worship & Pastoral Care will demonstrate:

  • A strong personal desire in both life and work, to honour God
  • Theological education and experience in the areas of both worship and pastoral care
  • Adeep familiarity with the styles and patterns of worship, from traditional to innovative
  • An expressed desire to incorporate word, music, silence, visual arts within worship
  • A broad understanding of diverse theological trends, with sensitivity to MacNeill’s history as an autonomous, congregationally governed Baptist congregation
  • An awareness and use of inclusive language in worship.




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