Ibrahim has Landed!!!

Nov 27, 2020 by

Ibrahim landed at Pearson International Airport last night at 6:15 pm.  He arrived safely in Hamilton at the Visitors Inn at 9:30 pm.  He was visited briefly outside the inn by his brother Ahmad, sister-in-law Randa, nephews Saleh and Ibrahim and niece Sham; all masked and safely distanced.

Earlier in the evening Ahmad and Saleh carried groceries to Ibrahim’s room to stock the refrigerator and cupboard.

There were a couple of heroes; Dale who risked the possibility of quarantine to drive him from the airport, and Wael Ghuneim who waited over two hours at the inn to interpret for Ibrahim.

Ibrahim will be quarantined at the inn until Dec 10, after which his real life in Canada will begin.  Members of the committee will take on the tasks associated with an immigrant joining Canadian society.  Thank you to all those who contributed to the costs, and aided in his immigration.

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