Food for Ibrahim

Nov 23, 2020 by

Ibrahim arrives on Thursday Nov 26 and will stay at the Visitor’s Inn, across the road from the apartment building where Ahmad and Randa live.  Today members of the Newcomer Committee had a rethink about food supplies for Ibrahim.  After talking with Al, Ahmad agrees that it will be simpler for him and Randa to buy and cook food for Ibrahim since they know his appetites and preferences, and delivering the food will be easy since they live right across the street from the Visitors Inn where Ibrahim will be staying.  The refugee account has enough money to provide the family with a stipend to cover the increased costs while he is in quarantine.  Rest assured that Ibrahim will be well taken care of without the congregation taking unnecessary steps.  If we need your help in the future we will call on you. Thank you to those who responded to the request on Sunday.

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