Congregational Meeting May 13

May 1, 2018 by

Message from your Deacon’s Board:

There will be a congregational business meeting after the morning service on Sunday May 13, 2018 to approve a letter of response to the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, (CBOQ), on behalf of the MacNeill congregation.


At the CBOQ Assembly 2017 a motion was presented by a group of pastors and churches within the CBOQ who are vehemently opposed to same-sex relationships and members of the LGBTQ community becoming members and holding positions on governing councils of the member churches.  Same sex marriage is condemned, and pastors who perform such a ceremony are liable for dismissal. The motion was accepted by Assembly and will be discussed for adoption at the 2018 June Assembly.


This movement is known as CLRA (Covenant Life Renewal Association) within the CBOQ who represent themselves as a group seeking ‘renewal’ of the churches. By this they mean conformity to certain rigid statements of faith and polity. The group questions the local autonomy of the church, which is one of the 7 basic beliefs that make us Baptist and is embedded in our history, and which CLRA regards as false doctrine.


The letter of response was commissioned by our Deacon’s Board in response to this movement by the CLRA.  The Board would like to make this an open letter to the Assembly which will be meeting in June 2018. The letter will be available for you to study on Sunday May 6.

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