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Ibrahim has Landed!!!

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Ibrahim landed at Pearson International Airport last night at 6:15 pm.  He arrived safely in Hamilton at the Visitors Inn at 9:30 pm.  He was visited briefly outside the inn by his brother Ahmad, sister-in-law Randa, nephews Saleh and Ibrahim and niece Sham; all masked and safely distanced. Earlier in the evening Ahmad and Saleh carried groceries to Ibrahim’s room to stock the refrigerator and cupboard. There were a couple of heroes; Dale who risked the possibility of quarantine to drive him from the airport, and Wael Ghuneim who waited over...

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Food for Ibrahim

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Ibrahim arrives on Thursday Nov 26 and will stay at the Visitor’s Inn, across the road from the apartment building where Ahmad and Randa live.  Today members of the Newcomer Committee had a rethink about food supplies for Ibrahim.  After talking with Al, Ahmad agrees that it will be simpler for him and Randa to buy and cook food for Ibrahim since they know his appetites and preferences, and delivering the food will be easy since they live right across the street from the Visitors Inn where Ibrahim will be staying.  The refugee account has...

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Ibrahim is coming to Canada!

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Ibrahim Saleh Al Atmeh is coming to Canada!  After at least 17 hours travel, he will arrive in Toronto at 6:40 pm on Thursday, November 26.  This is great news even if he is landing in the middle of a pandemic hotspot. Much of the immediate planning is in place.  We have reserved a kitchen unit at Visitors Inn, directly across Main Street from the Al Atmeh’s building. We have arranged for an interpreter to meet with us at the airport, and another to assist at the inn.  Al will be at the airport to assist with documentation.  Dale Anderson has...

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Celebration of Life for Glenys Magill

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On Oct 17 2020, we held a celebration of life for our dear friend Glenys Magill, who passed away suddenly in the spring.  It took place on the church lawn so that we could follow the COVID guidelines for gatherings.  Terry Dempsey and David Jones led the service and Glenys’s son-in-law did a lovely eulogy.  Her daughter Becky played Welsh tunes on the viola.  Along with a slide show in the narthex, there were intergenerational crafts, and a garden was planted with some 600 daffodils, complete with a dedication stone.  That will be...

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Protocols for a Safe Return to In-person Worship

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  During Phase Three of Covid-19 Precautions The Deacons and Executive of MacNeill have taken the decision to reopen the building for Worship service as of Sunday October 4th, 2020. It is recognized that much may change by then and we will always adhere to the current directives provided by the Public Health, the provincial and federal governments and the municipality of Hamilton. The Deacons Board in consultation with the Management and Christian Education Boards of MacNeill Church, using the direction as outlined above, have developed our...

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News and Notes

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June 7, 2020   Due to the Corona Virus crisis the to return to our regular worship is yet to be determined During this unprecedented time of crisis please continue to support our congregation financially.  Donations can be mailed to the church and we will process them. You can also donate directly on the MacNeill Website with the Donate Now button on the right side of the webpage.  Thank you for your continued generosity.   Zoom Semi-Annual Meeting   MacNeill will host a Zoom Online Semi Annual meeting to be held on June 18,2020 at...

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MacNeill COVID-19 Update

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(April 9, 2020)   Hi Again Everyone!   Well – We are all in this together as the most recent saying goes. It’s been another incredibly difficult week in the world.  Your leaders enjoyed a ZOOM meeting experience this week!  Very exciting experience if you haven’t used the tool yet. Given the current federal and provincial directions we’ve heard, it should come as no surprise to hear we must maintain the suspension of services at MacNeill until further notice.  We are also unable to set a date at this time as the immediate future...

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MacNeill COVID-19 Update

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March 26, 2020   Further to our response to the COVID- 19 virus from last week – Mon March 16, 2020 – your leaders continue to connect and have made the difficult decision to extend the pause on our church services.  This decision remains in line with the Ontario Medical of Officer of Health, provincial and federal guidelines: According to the provincial guidelines, gatherings of more than 50 or more are significantly discouraged. All non-critical services and businesses must close by Tuesday March 24, 2020 at midnight   As...

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MacNeill’s COVID-19 Response

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MacNeill Baptist Church COVID-19 (corona virus) Response (March 16, 2020) In response to the COVID- 19 virus, your leaders have been in regular contact, and have made the following decision which is in line with the Ontario Medical of Officer of Health recommendations released on Monday March 16, 2020: According to the provincial guidelines, gatherings of more than 50 or more are significantly discouraged. As such, we will not meet until Sun April 5, 2020 at 11am (our regular time) We will continue to monitor the announced messaging and make...

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COVID-19 Guidelines

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MacNeill COVID-19 (corona virus) Preventive Guidelines In response to COVID-19 here are some recommendations to limit the risk while we are experiencing this global epidemic If you have active cold symptoms it would be best to stay home from worship until you are recovered. There is hand-sanitizer available for your use as you enter the sanctuary. Disinfectant wipes are also available We should all refrain from ‘handshaking’, substituting with a friendly nod or wave, fist bump, elbow bump or slight bow etc. Our ushers will follow these...

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